Wednesday, July 13 2016, 13:55

A marriage made in Hell

The NY Times and Georgetown's Professor Michael Eric Dyson.

Jay Z Georgetown

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Monday, July 11 2016, 13:56

Don't you love it when truth REALLY speaks to power ? I do!

There is speaking truth to power, and then there is REALLY speaking truth to power.

Case in point: Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, seems to be against putting a wall along the border.


This election cycle, Speaker Ryan is being challenged in the primary by Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlan. Mr. Nehlan held a press conference at Speakers Ryan's home, reminiscent of Ronald Reagan calling on Mr. Gorbachev to tear down that wall! Nehlan is calling on Speaker Ryan to tear down his wall! Watch the video here.

"As Nehlen was speaking, Ryan’s house was being protected by four large SUVs, a full-size van, several service agents, and a tall fence reinforced by high bushes.

Nehlen explained that “Paul Ryan is the most open borders, pro-Wall Street, anti-worker member of Congress in either party.”

No wonder Ryan despises Donald Trump! Trump puts votes behind the policies that American's have been demanding. Up until now, Ryan and the rest of the Republican elite have been able to give audience to and share a photo-op with folks from patriot groups, the tea party and just regular working people who come out to protest our current policies. Then they smile as they leave, close the door and go back to business as usual, secure in their seat.

While I doubt the Trump effect will cost Paul Ryan his seat, his primary is after the GOP convention! Hat's off to Mr. Nehlan for challenging Ryan! Mr Ryan is very well financed. If you think Ryan needs to go, donate to Nehlan here

Thursday, July 7 2016, 17:20

Ooooh that smell!

"Ooooh that smell. Can't you smell that smell? Ooooh that smell. The smell of death surrounds you!"

I changed checking accounts in June and over the weekend I realized I needed to make a deposit in my old account when the bank opened Tuesday morning to cover my automatic payments. Afterward, I went to the gym to steam and after I had showered and was getting dressed, one of the guys said there was going to be a news announcementat at eleven by the FBI on the Clinton case. I just shook my head, saying nothing.

There were various comments made about the speed and convenience of the announcement, but one former cop said to his buddy, "Ed, if you and I are riding around in the car hanging out on the way to your campaign rally, and I said there was going to a an announcement about the investigation at eleven, would there be any doubt what the result was going to be?"

Not much else was said, it didn't need to be. All I know is this, that smell is all to familiar. Those of us who were alive and lived through the nineties know that smell that surrounds us, and it never seems to go away.

Wednesday, July 6 2016, 17:12

Rule of law


I don't know about you, but it sure seems that the rule of law has merely become a tool to suppress the people when deemed convenient by those in power.

Wednesday, July 6 2016, 15:04


Educate. Equip. Empower. Engage.!!

Our motto reflected what TURN began as, an educational non-profit formed during the beginning of the Tea Party movement. We felt quickly that enough "Tea Parties" had emerged and it was time to focus all the energy that the movement created and positively direct that energy into training people how to interact with government.

Within the first eighteen months, over 70% of our members had run for office, were on the county committee and/or regularly engaging and reporting on government meetings at all levels.

We regularly had County Commissioners, State Representatives and Candidates for office come and speak to our group. We held candidate forums, and the majority of our members actively supported candidates campaigns of their choice.

We also became involved in Public Policy decisions, with one of our largest victories being the PUC reversing it's decision to impose a new area code on our reason after we challenged their facts. After investigation, it turns out their facts were flawed. This campaign gave the opportunity to work with three different county commissioners (Clearfield, Elk and Jefferson), state representatives, local officials and the Chamber.

We were also given the opportunity to testify before the Joint State Government Committee during their hearing on legislative redistricting. We came to support the restoration of the political subdivision of the fifth congressional district and were successful.

Our direction went from holding regular meetings to working with groups throughout the commonwealth that shared similar missions so we could assist their efforts rather than duplicate them.

Once we completed the initial phases of our task, educating and equipping our members, we began working with others to empower them and while actively engaging our elected representatives.

The change of this site reflects the changes we have gone through as an organization. The old site served us well, but it had seen it's day. Today, we are more involved in the empower and engage aspect.

Let's be direct. politics certainly involves building relationships with others, and those relationships, built over time are ones built on a track record of dealing honestly and fairly with our representatives. Many time there is no agreement we can come to, but we are able to engage each other in discourse and discuss the reasons why. We live to engage another day on another topic.

When we speak of honest engagement, our goal is never to go for a gotcha moment or a soundbite as some groups do. Honest enegagement is built on trust and respect and not blind-siding our officials. That said, there are times when we disagree and have to hold a representative to account for their action or inactions.

There are several representatives who are very nice people, friendly, engaging and we disagree with 80-90% of their policies, Yet, we have an open door with them. There are others, I hate to admit, we agree with 80-90% of the time and appreciate their votes, but do not have any relationship with because of past dishonesty on their part.

As we taught, and also learned, Politics is a full contact sport, played with real people. Are you ready to engage?